Talk & Tap Faucet

No handle. Complete control.

Full functionality using your voice or your touch.

By pairing with your Amazon Alexa or Google-enabled device, the Talk and Tap Faucet puts you in complete control with intuitive and fully-customizable tap controls.

Our newest innovation is controlled by tap and voice commands.

Featured Highlights

Feature Highlights


LED temperature

Intuitive tap

Pairs with your
virtual assistant

How it works title
How it Works

Talk to it.

Voice commands include all basic functions—plus custom options including pour amount, pre-set pours (i.e. “fill coffee pot”), preset modes for handwashing, and more.

Tap it.

Tap commands include on/off, temperature, and volume settings for complete control.


Do it your way.

Each faucet comes from the factory with pleasing preset water temperature. But if you’d prefer it a little warmer or cooler, it’s easy to adjust.

Brilliant idea.

The indicator light displays current temperatures, replacing the visual cues of the handle.