Who We Are

From inspiration to production. Faster than ever before. First Wave is a design incubation lab backed by Delta Faucet Company, a leader in global faucet brands.

What We Do

We dare to try new thing. Our mission is to dream up with innovations in the world of faucets, showers and related products.

When we have an idea for a new product, we are able to leverage Delta's resources to refine it, produce it and bring it to market incredibly quickly.

Our Process

We're creative thinkers, but we're regimented and thorough, too. Here's the process we follow to create new products

  • 01 Ideation & Concepting

    We study how people use water, ceaselessly looking for new insights. With a lot of hard work—and a little luck—inspiration strikes. Once we hatch our latest “big idea,” we begin to tweak, polish, sketch, and re-sketch it. With every iteration, we’re working to ensure our products will have a meaningful impact on the lives of real people.

  • 02 Prototyping & Refinement

    This is where the idea stops being a sketch, and starts being a three-dimensional product. We actually install the first prototypes in our own homes (yep, we’re our own focus group). From there, we keep on re-building and re-installing prototypes until we’ve got it 100% right.

  • 03 Limited Release & Feedback

    With the bugs worked out, we’re ready to unveil our ideas to the marketplace. We build and sell limited runs of warranty-backed products. More importantly, we listen to feedback—feedback that helps us refine our products, push them to large-scale production, or scrap them altogether.

  • 04 Large Scale Rollout

    If the marketplace shows interest in one of our products, it’s launched on a larger scale by one of three Delta Faucet Company brands.

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