Hands Free Bathroom Faucets

Hands-Free, Handle-Free

No more handles on your bathroom faucet means no more trying to turn off the water with your wrist when you’re done washing your hands. No more toothpaste, or dirt, or ice cream, or whatever smeared onto the handles from your kid’s messy fingers. No more water running while you brush your teeth. No more wetting your hands in warm water, lathering, and finding that water got real hot real fast when you go to rinse.

Our touchless bathroom faucet delivers just what you need, with style. The sleek, streamlined design of our hands-free bathroom faucets makes them the perfect accent in any space for a clean look that’s easier to keep clean thanks to less clutter on your counter from unnecessary handles.

Finally, a handle-less faucet perfectly suited for your home, ideal for half-baths and powder rooms.

A distinctly on-trend profile. Ideal for clean, minimalist spaces.


Cutting-edge technology well-suited to a less contemporary aesthetic.


Featured Highlights

Feature Highlights



Preset water

Ideal for
half baths.

How it works title
How it Works

Proximity. Not motion.

This isn’t a mere motion sensor. It’s much more than that. Proximity Sensing Technology actually detects the electrical impulses in your body. If you’re close to the faucet, it comes on.

Striking profiles.

Handle-free designs mean sleek, head-turning profiles. More than mere faucets, they’re true statement


Frustration free.

Unlike motion sensor faucets, the flow of water won’t stop while you’re in the middle washing your hands.

The perfect temperature. Yours.

Each faucet comes from the factory with pleasing preset water temperature. But if you’d prefer it a little warmer or cooler, it’s easy to adjust.