Glass Rinser

No more stained wine glass. No more lingering smoothie curd. No more leftover baby bottle gunk. Glass Rinser powers away hard-to-reach residue-weather you're pre-cleaning for the dishwasher, or washing a single item by hand.

glass rinser

Installs easily to your cold or hot water supply line.

Narrow bottle?  No problem.

No on/off switch.  Simply push down.

Feature Highlights

Feature Highlights

Easy to install and love.

baby bottle glass rinser

Narrow bottle? No problem.

no on off switch glass rinser

No on/off switch. Simply push down.


Standard hole counterpart mount.

How it works title
How it works.

How it works

Blast away unsightly gunk, goo, and crud.

The Glass Rinser installs easily to your cold or hot water supply line. We recommend using hot water if you plan on using your Glass Rinser to handwash items.

Narrow Bottle? No Problem.

Today’s insulated bottles keep water cold all day long. And that’s certainly handy. But they’re quite narrow—and therefore difficult to clean. Glass Rinser to the rescue. Its water jets are centrally located, so they’ll rinse your items effectively, no matter how narrow they are. That’s handy. Especially for items that’s aren’t dishwasher safe.

You push downward. Water jets upward.

Simply push your glass, water bottle, or any other hard-to-rinse item down on the spring-loaded pad. As you do, high-pressured water blasts up to rinse where hands can’t reach.

It’s easy to install. And love.

We designed the Glass Rinser to fit a standard countertop mounting hole—the kind commonly used for faucets, sprayers, and soap pumps. Simply mount to your counter and connect to a water supply (hot water, if you plan on using your Glass Rinser to handwash items). Just like that, you’re up and running.

Match your faucet with finish choices

The glass rinser comes in two finishes to match your faucet.