Precision Handwash Faucet

Our newest faucet represents the modern and timeless—intertwined in a single breathtaking form. Simple lines. Complex engineering. Paired to create the perfect handwashing experience.


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How it works

Impossible. Until now.

The Precision Handwash Faucet owes its remarkable shape to a revolutionary construction process—one that literally fuses individual grains of metal together, one at a time.


Handcrafted to be hands-free.

In the course of its production, the Precision Handwash Faucet is touched by no fewer than ten artisans.

Nothing unnecessary. Not even handles.

Proximity technology senses the electrical impulses in your body, turning water on and off automatically.

At home in the powder room.

Designed to be the focal point of any half bath, this functional work of art delivers the perfect handwashing experience.

Limited Edition.

Like a first edition novel or a fine lithograph, the Precision Handwash Faucet is an item of exceptional rarity. Only 50 will be produced for First Wave.

Not too hot. Not too cold.

Water is preset to an ideal handwashing temperature. Under the sink, you’ll find controls that allow you to fine-tune to your personal preference.