First wave

Model #: FW154-DST-SS
First Wave

Model #: FW154-DST-SS
  • Turns on when you reach for the faucet and off when you move away

  • Handle-less design for truly touchless, clean look

  • Designed for your home

Finishes: Stainless
Price:$ 375.00
Availability: IN-STOCK

Feature Highlights


Simplified, cleaner handwashing


Sleek, handle-free design


Customizable temperature


Reliable activation

How it works

The Cutting Edge of Clean

This faucet is all about simplicity and cleanliness. No more trying to turn the water off with your wrist after you’ve washed your hands. No more trying to get that spot on your vanity between the faucet and the handle where everything gathers to just stay clean. No more adjusting the water temperature before you can rinse your hands because suddenly your water heater has kicked in with vigor.

No more handles makes things a lot more easy.

A Statement Maker

This faucet has the brains and the bod. Sleek lines, finish options, and an uncluttered aesthetic help make it the perfect accent piece to any space, without ever just blending in.

Custom Temperature Setting

Instead of needing to adjust the temperature every single time you need to use your bathroom faucet (which is a lot; we dare you to count), you set it just one time. Select a temperature that’s perfect for your needs using the dial beneath the sink and so your temperature is set when you reach for water.

There When You Need It

Reach a hand near the faucet and it turns on, where it will stay for up to four minutes as long as your hands are there. Move your hands away and it turns off. No need to go to great lengths to get the faucet to notice you and no special motions over a sensor. It just turns on when you need it and turns off when you don’t.