First Wave.
the Innovation Lab
at Delta Faucet.


At First Wave, we dare to try new things. Our mission is to dream up innovations in the world of faucets, showers, and related products.

Sometimes we find dead ends. Other times, we find incredible new things. Either way, we never stop searching.

We're backed by one of the most successful faucet brands in the history of the planet, Delta Faucet Company. We leverage Delta technology, manufacturing capabilities, and—yes—financial resources to bring our ideas to fruition.

The new First Wave Glass Rinser.

No more stained wine glasses. No more lingering smoothie crud. No more leftover baby bottle gunk. The First Wave Glass Rinser powers away hard-to-reach residue—whether you’re pre-cleaning for the dishwasher, or washing a single item by hand.

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From inspiration to production.
Faster than ever before.

By design, our team is small. That keeps us nimble. When we have an idea for a new product, we're capable of refining it, producing it, and bringing it to market incredibly quickly.

But we're also autonomous. There’s no corporate red tape here. We're free to dream, explore, and create.

When our products are well received by the marketplace, they're launched on a larger scale by one of three Delta Faucet Company brands (Peerless, Delta, or Brizo). When our products aren't embraced by consumers, we simply start over.

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This is no soulless corporate space.

Here at First Wave, things are...different. We work in an innovation lab that was designed to celebrate—and facilitate—creativity.


Big ideas.
Fueled by discipline.

We're creative thinkers, but we're regimented and thorough, too. Here's the process we follow to create new products.

  • 01

    The Idea

    We study how people use water, ceaselessly looking for new insights. With a lot of hard work-and a little luck-inspiration strikes.

  • 02


    We tweak, polish, sketch, and re-sketch. With every iteration, we're working to ensure our products will have a meaningful impact on the lives of real people.

  • 03

    Concept Models

    We install prototype products in our own homes. Yep, we're our own focus group. And we keep building and installing prototypes until we've got it 100% right.

  • 04

    Limited Release

    With the bugs worked out, we're ready to unveil our products to the marketplace. We build and sell limited runs of warranty-backed products.

  • 05

    Consumer Feedback

    We don't just invent. We also listen. Gathering feedback from our customers may be the most important part of the process.

  • 06

    Transition to Delta Faucet Company

    If the marketplace shows interest in one of our products, it's launched on a larger scale by one of three Delta Faucet Company brands.


Ripple Effect.

Creativity is powerful. Innovation gets people talking. Here's a look at what people are saying about us.


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January 05, 2018

Delta to make faucets that work with Amazon Alexa

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January 05, 2018

The Internet of Things now includes everything and the kitchen sink

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First Wave

The Innovation Lab at Delta Faucet Company

55 E 111th Street
Indianapolis, Indiana

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First Wave

The Innovation Lab at Delta Faucet Company

55 E 111th Street
Indianapolis, Indiana