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From inspiration to production. Faster than ever before.

First WaveSM  is a design innovation lab backed by Delta Faucet Company, a leader in global faucet brands. We dare to try new things. Our mission is to dream up innovations in the world of faucets, showers, and related products.

Our Full Range of Innovative Products

Glass Rinser

No more stained wine glasses. No more lingering smoothie crud. No more leftover baby bottle gunk. The First Wave Glass Rinser powers away hard-to-reach residue -- whether you're pre-cleaning for the dishwahser, or washing a single item by hand.

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    Precision Handwash Faucet

    Technology has finally caught up with our creativity.

    We've paired 3D metal printing with proven hands-free technology to create a stunning new faucet that offers pre-set temperature and flow rates for the perfect handwashing experience.

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