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Glass Rinser Product Support

Ready to install your First Wave Glass Rinser? You can totally do this! To help you along, we've assembled a few helpful resources.

The Installation Video

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Technical Documents

Need to get down to the nitty-gritty? No Problem. Here are a few resources that should take care of anything you're looking for.


Can I clean the Glass Rinser?

Yes, the actuator arms can be removed and are dishwasher safe, and the nozzles are made of "touch clean" material to prevent hard water build-up.

Can I install it myself?

Yes, the product comes with all the components needed, the only tools you will need are an adjustable wrench and pliers. The product includes the water supply line and tee yo connect directly to your hot or cold stop. We created this handy installation video for a more detailed walk through.

Can i install on my stainless sink with raised ledges?

Yes. We've included an optional spacer in the package to help the Glass Rinser sit flat on a sink with a lip or raised ledge. Check out our install video for more details.

Does the device need AC or battery power?

No, just a water connection.

Does the rinser use hot or cold water?

We designed the rinser to be connected to either water line, hot or cold. You can choose the time of install based on your preference.

How should I position the Glass Rinser on my counter?

We recommend positioning the Rinser so the lip extends over the edge of the sink at least a quarter inch. This ensures that water flowing out of the Rinser will flow directly into your sink and down the drain.

What is the warranty on the product?

The Rinser carries a 2-year warranty.

What size hole does it need for install?

The diameter of the Glass Rinser shank is 13/16". We designed it to fit in an existing sink hole that may have been used by a soap dispenser. If you need to drill a new hole, please consult a professional or the Glass Rinser specification sheet.

What space does it need on my counter?

The Glass Rinser is 4" in diameter and the lip extends 2 1/2" from the center. Please ensure you have space for the base of the Rinse as well as for the height of the glassware that you intend to wash in the Rinser. For further details, please consult the specification sheet.

What type of glasses/ bottles can it accommodate?

We have tested many different products wine glasses, pint glasses, Ball jars, Swell water bottles, small Yeti, Hydroflask, baby bottles, sports water bottles, shaker bottles. Currently it does not accommodate the larger Yeti and Tervis Tumbler. The inside diameter Glass Rinser is 3.6 inches

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